React Components and Hooks for Cosmos

Wizard UI is a collection of React Components and Hooks to start working on Cosmos. So you can focus on the fun stuff and start shipping cool asss dApps.

npm i @wizard-ui/core @wizard-ui/react


import { QueryClient, QueryClientProvider } from "@tanstack/react-query";
import { KeplrWalletAdapter } from "@wizard-ui/core";
import { WizardProvider } from "@wizard-ui/react";
import { GasPrice } from "@cosmjs/stargate";

import "@wizard-ui/react/style.css";

const queryClient = new QueryClient();

function App() {
  const endpoint = "";
  const chainId = "osmo-test-4";
  const wallets = [
    new KeplrWalletAdapter({
      options: {
        gasPrice: GasPrice.fromString("0.015uosmo"),

  return (
    <QueryClientProvider client={queryClient}>
      <WizardProvider endpoint={endpoint} wallets={wallets} chainId={chainId}>
        <Component />


Wizard UI supports all these features out-of-the-box:

  • 5+ hooks for working with wallets, contracts, transactions, signing, etc.
  • Caching, and request deduplication
  • TypeScript ready

...and a lot more.


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